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Our Projects


Alaïa Bay & Alaïa Chalet in Switzerland

2020 - present


Alaïa is the leader in premium action sports experiences. Located in the canton of Wallis in Switzerland, the action sports brand offers unique experiences across the mountains and lakes. You can go surfing perfect waves at the wavepool named Alaïa Bay. You can go skateboarding or trampoline jumping at their sport center named the Alaïa Chalet. You can go wake surf on the lake of Geneva. They also have a hotel named the Alaïa Lodge and a restaurant chain just to name a few other offers they have.

We have had the task to produce the majority of their film and stills content since the opening of the wavepool, Alaïa Bay.

The Deliverables

Advertisement films

Event recap films

Social media cuts in all formats

Stills for advertisement

Stills for social media in all formats

All contents were published by Alaïa, their partner brand and pro athletes making use of the facilities.


Producer & Director Scott Goedkoop

Camera Operators Mike Wolf, Guillaume Darbellay,  Scott Goedkoop, Louis Tacheron, Jack Mullner

Photographers Mike Wolf, Scott Goedkoop






Longest Surf Days

Alaïa's largest event, the LSD.


Some of the many stills we took over the years showing the full effect of the smile machine. Surfers from all over the world have come to ride the wavepool and their first reaction is every time the same: goosebumps followed by a big smile.

Alaïa Cup

One of the event recap films we made of the skateboard event.

Stills Series

A series of stills of the Alaïa Cup.

Alaïa Winter Cup

We have never been in colder water neither have we ever seen such an event filled with surprises.

Social Cuts

As instagram reels became king, for every pro surfer that came by we made a short vertical video that was a mix of action and interview. The result is a short film sharing their experience.

Pro Athlete Visit

In this era of very short form social media content, we loved to make a bit longer form content against the status quo. Here is one of these videos we made with Johanne Defay.

And one of the local legend Gabriel Tamaki.

Few of the many memories during working hours at the office.

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