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Our Projects

Axxe x AAA wetsuits collab

Portugal, Alaïa Bay, Lake Geneva




The AAA and Axxe made a new wetsuit in collaboration. With over 35 years of experience, the artisans at Axxe Classic crafted a high-quality wetsuit, made with 100% Japanese Proprietary Neoprene. It is is regarded as the best neoprene in the world. 

You can see the collaboration here.

For this campaign, we had the task to produce a film with its social media cuts, a series of stills and the packshots to go on the webstore.

The Deliverables

Advertisement film

3x shorter social media cuts

PIU stills series

Packshots for the webstore and print

All contents were published by Alaïa.


Producer Gabriel Tamaki 

Directors Tim Cachot & Naomi Gallay

DP & Editor Scott Goedkoop

Photographer & 2nd Cam Mike Wolf






Main Film

The purpose of the main film was to show the functionality of the Axxe wetsuit and the environments in which it was suitable. The film was shot in Portugal and in Switzerland, in the ice-cold autumn water.

Stills Series

A series of stills of the product in use (PIU) on the Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Stills Series

A series of PUI stills at Alaïa Bay, Switzerland.

Product Film

A film showing all the features of the wetsuit.

Social Cuts

As for every project, we reshape every film in whichever format needed for the various social media platforms.

This project was special for us because the brand Alaïa has a special place in our heart. Working on these projects felt more like play than work. We had the privilege of creating with people we really appreciate in some of the world's most amazing places for a premium sport equipment brand.


We look forward to many more such projects.

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