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We are your all-in-one solution for productions in Saas-Fee and Zermatt. Whether you are a brand looking for a production company or you are an agency looking to manage your production in Saas-Fee or Zermatt, you are at the right place. We are specialized in Alpine racing, luxury lifestyle shootings and extreme sports.


We are committed to delivering unparalleled production quality while being the most cost efficient production company in Saas-Fee and Zermatt. Our legacy is built on years of industry experience and a vast network of partnerships, from hospitality to lift companies.


Our dynamic team, composed of former professional athletes and the finest in alpine filmmaking, directors, and producers, is ingrained in the local fabric, offering unmatched on-site services for any scale of production.


Location Management

We organise everything on sight. A few of the many services:


  1. Film permits

  2. Drone permits

  3. Ski slope reservation

  4. Lift tickets

  5. Private lifts

  6. Ski doo

  7. Helicopters

  8. Catering

  9. Accommodation

  10. Mountain guides


We have partnerships with several hotels ranging from 5* superior to 3* hotels. We can organise anything else that you need locally.

Production Management


  1. Managing the entire schedule

  2. The technical crew

  3. The talent

  4. The equipment

  5. Manage budgets

  6. Payement systems for local talent


And any problem solving needed.


Camera Rental

We are equipped with the latest RED cameras, Canon RF lenses. We have sets of Leica R lenses, lights equipment and much more.


Beyond the equipment we have in house, we can get any equipments available in Swiss rental house to Saas-Fee or Zermatt for the production.



Whether you need a model or a stunt double, we have a broad range of talent a phone call away.


  1. Pro athletes

  2. Stunt doubles

  3. Actors

  4. Extras

  5. Models


  1. Project conception

  2. Meetings with the client

  3. Definition technical formats

  4. Storyboard conception

  5. Reccies on location

  6. Reccies by video call


At 3600m above sea level, the brain functions differently as the air is a lot thinner. We have a team that can perform at the highest level no matter the circumstances up there.


We can provide: 


  • Producers

  • Directors

  • DOP

  • Photographers

  • Key Grip

  • Gaffer

  • H&M

  • Stylists

  • ACs

  • Location managers

  • Sound engineer


We have the fastest internet in Switzerland through fiber glass ethernet. This allows us to transfer 2TB every 24hrs. We can therefore offer full DIT services if your post production house  is working remotely without ever setting foot in Switzerland.

We offer:


  1. Backups: we will ensure that you never lose a KB of footage. Everything will be stored on three servers spread across two continents before any memory card is formatted. 

  2. Proxy generation: we can generate proxies in any format desired.

  3. Cloud sharing: we can share up to 50TB of footage through our cloud services so that you can access your production’s footage within hours of the production being finished.


  1. Rough cuts

  2. Editing

  3. SFX

  4. VFX

  5. Color grading


Client: HUBLOT

Produced, directed and edited in house.


Here are some of the main Alpine productions we have worked on the last years.


Client: HUBLOT

Talent: Tanguy Nef

Produced, directed and edited in house.


Client: HUBLOT

Produced, directed and edited in house.

Réussir, c’est bien s’entourer

Client: UniDistance

Agency: Havas Village Genève
Directed & Edited: Ramon+Pedro
DP & drone: Scott Goedkoop

Location managers: Alessandro Boyens & Scott Goedkoop 


Client: Kappa

Agency: Stept​ Studios

Location Management: Alessandro Boyens

GRUBHUB TV Commercial


Agency: Rally On Media

Model snowboarding: Alessandro Boyens


Client: RBC Bank

Agency: AXIS Films

Location manager: Alessandro Boyens

We are here to make your production as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact us with any of your projects.

Alessandro Boyens

+41 76 205 26 24

Scott Goedkoop

+41 79 596 15 10

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