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Our Projects

HUBLOT x Arsham Studio

Zermatt, Switzerland




To celebrate Daniel Arsham joining HUBLOT as an Ambassador, a twenty-metre sundial entitled ‘Light & Time’ was created. The sundial was shaped at the Schwarzee in Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.


During our time at the Creatives agency, we had the pleasure to produce all film content and aerial photography of the event.

The Deliverables

Behind the Scenes Film

Reveal Film

Event Recap Film

Interview Film with Daniel Arsham

Photography of the making of

Aerial photography

In horizontal and vertical formats. All contents were published by HUBLOT, Danial Arsham and the press covering the event.



Less than 24 hours after shooting each film.


Director/DP/drone Scott Goedkoop

Camera Operators Stephane Ma & Mike Wolf

Artistic Direction David Lazarus

Editors Stephane Ma, Scott Goedkoop & Stefan Sekulic

Photographers Mike Wolf & Scott Goedkoop







Main Film

Swiss watchmaker HUBLOT is celebrating the start of a collaboration with American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham with a colossal snow installation in the mountain resort of Zermatt. This is the making of.

Stills Series

A series of stills of the sundial.

After a week of work, the design took life. The result was a massive sundial at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Interview Film

The story of the mastermind behind his project.

Event Recap Film

A recap of the reveal.

BTS Film

The Behind the scenes of the construction of the sundial.

In the past, producing content of such high quality would require at the very least, a full week of post-production.

For this project, we were granted less than 24 hours of turnover per film. Our only possible way to success was by leveraging our dedicated team of experts alongside the latest technologies such as cloud-based editing softwares, cloud storage, hyper fast fiber optic internet, etc. With no room for error, having a tight knit team who was intimately familiar with these technologies was pivotal, and truly our only path to success. We seamlessly transitioned from shooting, to editing, to animating to Color-grading, and all that within hours of offloading our cameras.

Another massive challenge we faced was shooting for all the different formats in which the films had to be delivered. The films you see here were all delivered in 16x9 (landscape) as well as in 9x16 (portrait) for vertical video. It was not only paramount to understand the technical intricacies of what this means, but most importantly to shoot it correctly. Finally, we even went as far as delivering specific ad-hoc formats for the screens at the venue of the dinner party event.

We are honored to have been involved in this incredible project. We are delighted with how this project went and with the content we have been able to produce. Thank you to the HUBLOT team and the Studio Arsham teams for making this project happen, it truly is one of a kind. It is a real pleasure to work with people that are so dedicated and passionate about their work and vision. Here a few final photos of the team behind the project.

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