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Our Projects

South of Somewhere




Follow the Bing Surfboards team as they link up in Mexico for an endless adventure to some of the most amazing log waves on offer. Watch as they showcase their skills and personalities through the eyes of filmmaker Joe McGettigan.

The Deliverables

Short film

XXX social media cuts

PIU stills series?

All contents were published by Bing Surfboards.


Producer XX

Director & Editor Joe McGettigan.

Photographer XX

Any other roles? XX






Main Film

The purpose of the main film was to show the functionality of the Axxe wetsuit and the environments in which the it was suitable for. The film was shot in Portugal and in Switzerland in the ice cold autumn water. 

Stills Series

A series of stills of the product in use (PIU) on the Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Stills Series

A series of stills of the product in use (PIU) at Alaïa Bay, Switzerland.

Product Film

A film showing all the features of the wetsuit.

Social Cuts

As for every project, we reshape every film in whichever format needed for the various social media platforms.

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