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Studio, Switzerland




Founded in 2017 in Zürich and backed by Migros Bank and Baloise, is a Fintech company providing car leasing solutions to Swiss drivers. Their proprietary technology allows users to compare, choose and order directly online from more than 5000 cars - all brands, all models, new and used.

For this campaign, we had the task to produce an advertisement film for web and social media use and a series of explanatory videos on how the service works.

The Deliverables

Advertisement film in Swiss German + French 

Explanatory videos in Swiss German + French

Stills series


All contents were published by


Actors Melina Hess & Elie Kaempfen

Producers Léo Chevallier & Scott Goedkoop

Director Scott Goedkoop

DP Benjamin Régis

Editors Scott Goedkoop & Benjamin Régis

Assistant Katherine Müller

Hair & Makeup Justine Sottaz 







Main Film

The purpose of the main film was to break the taboo around leasing in Switzerland by showing the elements of which a leasing consists with a touch of humour.

Explanatory Films

To elaborate as much as possible on the key elements of a leasing contract with we made a series of explanatory films.

We had a lot of fun putting this production together. Each time we thought we had a crazy concept, the client came with an even crazier idea. The challenge was to make all that craziness a reality in a film. Throwing oil over the actor with a one shot only for success given we could not get everything cleaned on time for a second take and having to punch your actor sure made it a one of a kind production once more!

We are thrilled with the result. The commercial was displayed nation wide and is thriving today in 2023. We are very proud to have been able to contribute to their success. 

We look forward to many more such projects.

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