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Our Projects

In Search of Balance

Nayarit, Mexico




Surfer Miguel Sinclair surfing on his self-shaped longboard in Nayarit, Mexico. As Miguel Sinclair rides the waves and crafts his own surfboards, he's in search of a perfect harmony between his passion for the ocean and the art of shaping. But as he balances the demands of his work with his love for surfing, he knows that finding that sweet spot is the key to living a fulfilling life both in and out the water. (by Alex Patrick)

The Deliverables

Advertisement film

3x shorter social media cuts

PIU stills series

Packshots for the webstore and print

All contents were published by Alaïa.


Producer/Director Alex Patrick

Music by Brennan Mercer ft. Alex Samaras

Additional footage Alden Tatum

Light grip Jason Rekhen

Main Film

Any BTS?

A series of stills of the product in use (PIU) on the Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Stills Series

A series of stills of the product in use (PIU) at Alaïa Bay, Switzerland.

Product Film

A film showing all the features of the wetsuit.

Social Cuts

As for every project, we reshape every film in whichever format needed for the various social media platforms.

Social Cuts

This project was special for us as the brand Alaïa has a special place in our heart. Working on these projects did not feel like work, it felt like play. Being able to create with people you really appreciate in some of the world's most special places for premium sport equipment is a privilege.

We look forward to many more such projects.

Kind regards,


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