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Our Projects

HUBLOT x Tanguy Nef

Zermatt and Saas-Fee, Switzerland




Our Projects

HUBLOT x Tanguy Nef

Zermatt and Saas-Fee, Switzerland



Tanguy Nef became a friend of the brand of HUBLOT. To celebrate, HUBLOT wished to produce a series of three films and a series of stills in collaboration with him.


HUBLOT is a luxury watchmaker based in Nyon Switzerland. The brand is well known for its distinct and innovative watches. They are famous for combining materials such as gold, ceramic and rubber among the many others in ways that have not been done before. 

For this campaign, we followed Tanguy Nef during his trainings at Swiss Ski.

The Deliverables

Short film for social in vertical format with his story.

Short film for social in vertical format in a racing setting.

Short film of him skiing free and choosing his next watch.

Series of photos

All contents were published by HUBLOT and Tanguy Nef.


Producer & Director Scott Goedkoop 

FPV Sampo Vallotton

Drone Scott Goedkoop

Editors Scott Goedkoop & Benjamin Régis

Music Composer Michael Boga

Photographer Scott Goedkoop






The Time Is Ticking

A fictive dual race between something flying down the Matterhorn and Tanguy racing through a Slalom, who wins?

Against The Clock

Have a look inside his mind when he races.

Find The Time

A BTS into the life of Tanguy.

This project was intense in every way possible. We had countless days that started well before sunrise to catch the first light on the glacier. We did some of the craziest follow cams ever on steep icy slopes with no chance to stop until we reached the end of the slalom.


Many times, the weather forced us to cancel our shootings. Sometimes it was the snow that was too soft and nothing could be done. We flew a drone from the foot of the Matterhorn all the way to its summit to film the flight down the Hornli ridge. According to our calculations, the signal should be strong enough, but our pilot had never been so tense about losing the drone. Everything that could complicate a production was there.


Despite the challenges, we pushed through and the reward was even greater because of all the difficulties. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work so closely with a world-class athlete and watch brand to produce such content.


We are very excited for the next production like this one.

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